Mediation Services

Mediation -- Resolving Disputes by Agreement 


As a form of dispute resolution, mediation can offer a substantial cost savings as compared to litigation. In addition, mediation preserves the ability of the parties to control the outcome of a case and often provides a more satisfying solution to the problem or dispute.


What is a mediator?


A mediator is a neutral third party whose job is to facilitate discussion regarding the issues in dispute, help the parties explore their resolution options, and reach solutions. The mediator does not represent either party or provide legal advice, nor does he decide the matters in dispute.


How does mediation work?


Generally, each party meets with the mediator separately and confidentially.  The mediator moves between parties, communicating each party’s position and ideas and works towards resolution.


Who decides the agenda of mediation?


The parties generally set the agenda for mediation -- what issues will be addressed, who will attend, how long the mediation will take, and other details.


Is my attorney allowed to attend?


Yes. You should have the benefit of your attorney's advice when making decisions in mediation.


When can mediation occur?


At any time during a legal dispute: before a case is filed, during a suit, before a court date or anytime the parties are ready to settle.


What should I expect to pay for mediation services?


Michael's mediation rate is $175.00 per hour, with the fee usually equally split between the parties involved  in the mediation.


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