Family Law & Divorce


Divorce and family law cases regularly raise some of the most difficult issues in the law, both in  their legal complexity and in the challenge of their emotional, relational and financial burdens. When dealing with these often complex and painful issues, it is critical to have an attorney who can both help you understand your options and recommend your best course of action. Attorney Michael Grills is an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can provide the guidance you may need during this difficult time.


What does family law practice include?


Family law includes the following kinds of matters and issues:


  • Divorce or Legal Separation
    • Division of Marital Property and Debts
    • Spousal Support or Maintenance
    • Allocation of parental responsibilities and the best interests of the child
    • Child support
    • Post-decree matters, including enforcement of court orders
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Domestic abuse and protection orders
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Domestic partnerships and civil unions


What are my options when dealing with family law or divorce issues?


Each divorce or family law case presents unique and frequently complicated issues. While a divorcing spouse always has the right to pursue a case on their own, they do so with great peril unless they understand the law and their rights. Whether resolved by settlement or litigation, flexible thinking and sound, knowledgeable advice from an attorney should be your approach to addressing the issues in your case.


What should I expect to pay an attorney to represent me in a family law or divorce case?


It is particularly difficult to estimate the fees and costs associated with a divorce or family law case. The expense frequently depends on the willingness of the involved parties to work together for a solution. An attorney who is both knowledgeable of the law and sensitive to the cost of litigating these kinds of cases is invaluable.



Are there alternatives to a contested divorce that a lawyer can provide help with?


Yes. An experienced divorce and family law attorney can help mediate the disputed issues and facilitate a resolution without the expense of a traditional divorce. Similarly, an experienced divorce lawyer can provide the parties to a divorce with an "early neutral assessment" of their circumstances and how their case is likely to be resolved by the Court if the matter proceeds to a hearing. Such an assesment can be an inexpensive but invaluable tool in reaching a resolution of their case. Some attorneys will provide limited legal services, generally in the form of pleading preparation, to the parties in a divorce without their direct involvement in their divorce case.  


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